Unique and one-of-one collectible buddies living on the Polygon Blockchain.
Metabuddies are a series of ERC-721 NFTs which are designed to
become your friends in the metaverse.
And we’re not limiting them to 10k. We’ll continue to build out more buddies so everyone can have one.

Buddy #1 - Floppy.

Floppy’s are the genesis batch of all the work which made its way into a single, all-encompassing token.
Inspired by retro tech, paying homage to 90’s storage technology and ironically living on the modern
Polygon Blockchain.






What makes MetaBuddies unique?


DG-ID is inspired by the first NFT project by @iamhypermind – digitalEye-d.
Adapted for MetaBuddies and Floppy, DG-ID is designed to provide a future-proof
unique fingerprint to each token.
So even if you customise your Floppy to look like another – it’ll always be
distinguishable on appearance.


Technology makes us distant. But why should we become emotionless? MetaBuddies are designed to increase their emotional bond with you over time and through use.


AARIA™ [Augmented Artificial Reality Intelligently Applied™]
AARIA was conceptualised in 2019 as non-another personal assistant but one which could do things smarter things that the current well known ones.
What’s more, each MetaBuddy comes with AARIA baked in and its constantly being developed.
You can help with its training just by using it!

About the Project.

Created by @iamhypermind simply for the love of creating and working on something for joy. Metabuddies are a combination of years of work put together into one project. Artificial Intelligence, Media, Design, iOS and mobile app development, Graphic Design (2d and 3d worlds). The love of space and technology.

They are designed to become friends. Collectible, trainable and building a connection with their humans.

Join the Hyperverse

MetaBuddies comes with a complementary mobile app allowing you to interact with your tokens.
Download it from the App Store, or register / login to your HomeSpace dashboard.


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