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We love to build stuff.

We love to build stuff.

It’s just what we do



Cloud Hosting

Custom Apps

Case in point – Health Sector

  • Heavily Customised WordPress
  • Cloud Hosting with CDN, Caching and Scalable Data Centers

  • Realtime Security to prevent DDoS Attacks, Scams and Toxic Linking

  • Social Platform integration
  • Multi-language Support using AI Technology

  • Knowledge Base


Custom Built Music App

  • Custom built app

  • Links in to YouTube api

  • Realtime Security to prevent DDoS Attacks, Scams and Toxic Linking

  • Designed to operate only on mobile

  • Backend System for Catalogue Management

  • Custom Smart Search recognising Artist vs Title

Frequently Asked Questions

What’s better Shopify or WooCommerce?2020-11-07T15:36:48+00:00

This really depends on your current set up. If you’re an established commerce-business without a website or WordPress system currently in place, Shopify would be the first solution discussed. But then we’d need to understand your 5 and 10 year goal. Do you plan to run a blog? Does your site rely on Editorial content to drive traffic and product sales are merely ancillary? Or are you a product brand and rely on external advertising to keep the business going?

What is Cloud Hosting?2020-11-07T15:39:12+00:00

Cloud hosting is great. It’s scalable on demand, it gives more control than a shared hosting server and allows you to expand your business needs without needing to invest in physical hardware or manage the servers yourself. Read more here 

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